Monday, 6 January 2014

Copy and Paste NMR spectra

This is just a short entry to illustrate one nice little tool in Mnova NMR that I believe can be very handy in many situations.
Let’s suppose you have an NMR spectrum in which you have spent some time trying to customize its visual aspect. For example, you have changed the default line color and width, hidden the vertical scale, modified the background color, customized the chemical shift scale, etc. As a result, you may have something like this:

Now you open a new spectrum and you find that it is using the old default graphical properties and you want that this spectrum has exactly the same visual aspect as the previous one. 
There are several ways in Mnova to achieve that goal. For example, you can go to the first spectrum, go to spectral properties and save these properties to a file which can then be loaded in the target spectrum. 
However, in this post I want to show a simple shortcut that yields the same result. The procedure is as simple as this:
1) Go to the first spectrum and press Ctrl+C (Edit / Copy)
2) Move to the second spectrum and issue this command: Edit / Paste Properties / NMR Graphic Properties 

This is it, the second spectrum will have now the same visual aspect as the first one. 
The same trick can be used to copy and paste integral regions, zoom & cuts regions, etc.

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