Friday, 28 February 2014


Last September, in SMASH 2013, I had the privilege of getting a personal demo from Tim E. Burrow of a cool iPad application he was developing that showed in a very nice way the basics of NMR data processing. This app simulates an FID and shows the effects on the corresponding FT spectrum when different apodization functions, zero filling or other time-domain operations are applied to the FID.

Since that day, I nearly forgot about Learn NMR FID until it was very recently brought to my attention after reading this article in Glenn Facey’s blog.

When I installed this app, I was happy to notice one very nice feature that I had discussed with Tim: The FID can be simulated with two spins (1/2) and add a coupling in such a way that it is possible to see, in an interactive way, the difference between weak (i.e. AX spin system) and strong (i.e. AB spin system) coupling.

I believe this is a great educational tool which I will certainly use in any lecture on NMR processing.  Tim did a great job and I look forward to seeing more cool things from him!