Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Windows 7

Windows 7 was released last week marking, in the opinion of many analysts, the beginning of the end of Windows Vista. Microsoft expects that Windows 7 will woo users who have resisted Vista by offering higher performance and compatibility as well as extra features. In fact, Windows 7 has been the biggest pre-order item in the history of Amazon UK.
If you are interested in making the switch, our preliminary tests indicate that Mnova 6.0.2 runs smoothly under Windows 7. Either way, we cannot exclude any incompatibility as our tests on Windows 7 have not been as comprehensive as we would have liked (still working on it though).

So if you are running Windows 7 and find any problem with Mnova, we would really appreciate it if you could let us know

NOTE: Some users have reported problems with version 5.2.5 Lite on Windows 7, although we have not been able to reproduce them in our computers. Rest assured that we are currently investigating this further


Alain said...

Thanks for this post, however you don't mention if it is working whatever the windows 7 version,i.e. 32 and (or) 64 bits.

Carlos Cobas said...

Thanks for your comment.

Mnova works runs fine under both 32 & 64 bits versions sof Win7.
Note however that Mnova is presently a 32 bits application but it's compatible with 64 bits Operating Systems.
We are planning to build a new 64 bits version of Mnova shortly