Thursday, 19 November 2009

Micropost [OT]: NMR meets Football

Relaxation plays a major role in NMR spectroscopy – What’s better than playing sports to chill out and forget about everyday problems?
I reckon this is not the best football team you might find but at least I guarantee they are fun people (sponsored by a great company :-) ) with whom you can have a good time (and get a free t-shirt!) :-)

Mestrelab World of Sports - Free Mnova t-shirt quiz


stan said...

A [malicious] question, mostly for physicists:
Suppose the football player kicks the ball high and far and gives it a really strong spin. While the ball is flying, is its rotation axis fixed or does it precess around the vertical direction defined by the force of gravity ?!?
And, since one can never trust theoreticians, could anybody record a high res movie of the ball so we can resolve this one experimentally and see whether all you guys got it right?
PS: I wrote the answer on a margin in a Felix Bloch's book, but I lost the copy.

Carlos Cobas said...

Hi Stan,
I had a truly marvelous answer for that question which I wanted to note in the sports section of a magazine, but the margin was just too narrow … :-)
BTW, in my answer I assumed that the ball was not kicked by either Maradona or T. Henry :-)

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