Monday, 24 November 2008

Intelligent NMR Clipboard

The clipboard is for sure one of the most useful features in any modern Operating System and it is used for short-term data storage and/or data transfer between documents or applications, via copy and paste operations. Any modern application should support clipboard operations and, of course, Mnova is no exception. However, Mnova goes one step further compared to other applications as I will try to show in this post.

Following the same principles as standard Office applications, with Mnova it’s possible to copy any object (e.g. spectra, molecules, etc) into the clipboard and paste it either in Mnova (for example in a different page) or in any other application such as MS Office. The peculiar thing is that once a spectrum has been transferred to the clipboard (via Ctrl+C), it is possible to ‘paste’ it into another spectrum. Two simple examples will illustrate this new feature.

Example #1

You have processed a spectrum and integrated carefully in order to quantify some signals of interest. Next you realize that you also want to integrate a different spectrum but using exactly the same integral regions as those in the first spectrum. There are several ways to do that in Mnova, but a very simple one involves copying the first spectrum into the clipboard and then selecting ‘Paste Integrals’ from the Edit menu. You can paste these integrals either to a single spectrum or to a bunch of selected spectra (or pages).

Example #2

You have customized the graphical properties of a spectrum (e.g. fonts, colors, grid, etc) and you find that you want to rapidly apply the same graphical settings to another spectrum. Once more, this is very easy with the clipboard: copy the first spectrum (Ctrl+C) and then select the target spectrum and issue command ‘Paste NMR Properties’.

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