Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Riding up the peaks …

… around the Pyrenees. NMR peaks are not the only ones that interest us in Mestrelab, we also love the Cols in the Tour de France, and I have some proof :-) :

Quoting a friend of mine: I had never seen the Yellow Jersey before. It is a bit surprising that the competitors would fight so hard for the right to wear it :-)

Even though I’m not a great fan of Lance Armstrong, I reckon he has incredibly popularized cycling in the US. The guy in the photo has been following him for several years already in the Tour de France, running by the riders. It looks easier than it actually is, as the riders go faster than 20 Km/h (i.e. 3 min/Km) in fairly hefty slopes, so you have to be in a pretty good shape to keep up with them for 200 m (that is approximately the distance he is doing with them).

Well, enough for this off topic post. I will follow up later on tonight with some real NMR stuff.