Monday, 18 January 2010

Listening to NMR FIDs

About ten years ago I implemented a command in MestReC for the acoustic reproduction of an NMR FID. This was motivated by the suggestion of Javier Sardina and also after I found the Web page by Walter Bauer (an excellent musician by the way).
This feature was missing in Mnova which I think is a shame as in my opinion it is a very valuable educational tool. For example, it’s a beautiful way to show that measured NMR frequencies lie in the audio frequency region.
So I have decided to write a script to fill this gap in Mnova. If I remember well, MestReC command played just the real part of the FID. As a minor improvement, I have added stereo capabilities now, basically by using the real and imaginary components of the FID as the two stereo sound channels. Another enhancement is that the sampling rate used to reproduce the FID corresponds to the actual acquired spectral width.

Download the script

Anyone interested in this feature can download the script from this link
As always, your feedback will be very welcome

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