Sunday, 21 December 2008

Microreview on NMR structural elucidation

A nice short review presenting practical strategies for the elucidation of small organic molecules with NMR spectroscopy has been published a few months ago. I highly recommend it as a reference for organic chemists engaged in structural elucidation tasks.

Eugene E. Kwan, Shaw G. Huang, Structural Elucidation with NMR Spectroscopy: Practical Strategies for Organic Chemists European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2008 (16), 2671-2688

DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.200700966

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Anonymous said...

I didn't like that in this review they ran their Menthol NMR spectra without the CDCl3 peak (sw 0 to 4.5ppm). I saw that my peaks were not matching theirs, went to the supplemental and there it was: "In general, the spectral
window should enclose the entire spectrum, leaving at least a 0.5 ppm margin on either side; however,
omitting the chloroform peak usually does not cause a problem." So... If you are doing a new natural product structure elucidation and nobody else can repeat your data... maybe is just that you did not reference it... I