Wednesday, 1 October 2008

A very graphical display of the value of promotional literature

Is promotional literature a valuable investment for a company like ours and an appreciated resource by our customers, or just a way of killing trees for no gain?. In the photo below you can see the take of some conference attendees on this question, which is taking Mestrelab to reevaluate whether we should be making this effort to produce the literature


Rich Apodaca said...

What was printed on the flyer?

Carlos Cobas said...

Hi Rich,

Just a description of MestReNova (MNova), our software package for NMR data processing, Analysis & Prediction

eddyrrc said...

Hi Carlos:

I know that this is not the appropriate place to ask but, I make a question about Mestrec to technical support like a month ago and I haven't received any answer.

I asked about Hadamard Transform... in the Help topics doesn't mention how to use this tool. I wonder if you could help me with this.


Dan said...

Look on the bright side Carlos. It could be worse... At least you did not find it IN the toilet. ;-)

Santi Dominguez said...


Could you please give us your email address? I just saw your comment (very late, I know) and we can send you an answer on Hadamard. You can email your email address to, mention this communication with Santi. Thanks and apologies, I don't think your email probably ever made it, Icannot find it in the logs.