Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Let´s get started

NMR is a growing and exciting analytical technique, of interest to all areas of chemistry. After many years working in the processing and analysis of NMR data, I have been missing an ‘open’ blog, a blog which discusses all aspects of working with NMR data, not with one author, but a number of highly reputable contributors. This blog aims to become a valuable resource to the scientist using NMR by filling this gap and providing a forum for publication and sharing of high quality information, by having not only comments, but also a ‘Guest Contributor’ facility where I will invite experts in our fields to write on their specific interests. I will welcome both your comments and offers for contribution and I hope that all comers will enjoy the content and find it useful.

As for content, the objective of this blog will be to cover, specifically, the following areas

  • Basic principles on NMR Data Analysis & Processing
  • Tips & Tricks on NMR Data Analysis & Processing: How to get the most of your NMR data
  • New Advances in Computer-Assisted Evaluation of NMR spectra
  • Prediction of NMR spectra

And finally, a confession. On my choice of NMR software I am biased, having worked on the design and development of Mnova for the last 3 years, and therefore I will use Mnova for my postings and when illustrating processing, analysis and simulation tips in my articles. However, this is not an Mnova promotional site, and I will always try to make concepts and suggestions of general application independently of the software package used.

Welcome to Enjoy and contribute!

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